The Corridors of My Mind

As I walk the corridors of my mind I seek to fulfill my dreams, I seek to cultivate positivity within every facet of my life, I seek to grow and catch sight of all the opportunities presented with each new day, and I seek to nurture my heart and the incandescent love I want to shine and emit to the world, and most of all I want to heal all the fragments that are a part of me and my life. Those pieces of my heart that sway away as I move towards freedom of spirit and freedom for my soul, the fragments that attempt to limit and extinguish my light, the fragments borne out a life that didn’t know there could be more, the fragments that soaked up the negative energies of our world, the fragments that are friends with my ego and that still want me to accept my lot and be contented with who I have been rather than who I want to be – A free and spirited soul that shines forth its light in the world and who is grateful for all that is – A limitless abundant world where dreams are reality and perception, positive thinking and kind, loving and caring thoughts are the healers and the leaders and I am free because I am ME.

With Thoughts of Love

© Elaine W Shaw 2014

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