The Precious Tear tells the story of family love and support through a time of heartbreak and trauma, and the changing face of what was to what is, as we encounter death and grief and emotional upheaval, and the eventual acceptance of family and personal life changed forever. Elaine’s writing focuses on the power of positivity, gratitude and appreciation believing that perception and perspective, along with an open loving heart are important keys not just in nurturing a happy life and the development of empowerment and enlightenment but in cultivating a sense of healing, and trusts that her words may resonate and help others walking a similar path.

Elaine Discusses ‘The Precious Tear’

My words within the Precious Tear are more than just a recount of personal or even a The Precious Tear Coverrescollective experience of family trauma; they open the door to resonance and to perhaps a new mode of thinking for some. The pathway through grief is often incredulous and fraught with the unknown; unknown thoughts and feelings can very quickly move us into a spiraling negativity that can so often be debilitating. Those of us who experience grief do so in a myriad of ways, not always knowing what each day will bring and sometimes even rendering us dysfunctional and forcing a period of solitude that can so often lead to a depressive state.

As a family we all experienced grief personal to ourselves, some appearing to be more visibly upset than others, but clearly we all grieved in our own way with our own depth of feeling. That isn’t to say that any one of us experienced our loss more profoundly than the rest, not at all, we all loved my mother deeply, but we all held a different perspective and expressed our grief in different ways, and we also held different belief systems about life and death which impacted on our ability to move through our grief and our emotions towards the eventual acceptance that our lives and our family had now changed and we now shared a new reality. Those changes weren’t simply a change in family dynamics but also in our own spirituality whether we all realised it or not. That new reality cut deep and I know that for me, personally, the earlier shifts I had experienced in perspective of both myself and the world around me played a profound role in my ability to move through my grief and move forward in my life.

The power of my growing positive mind-set that I consciously centred on all the appreciation and gratitude for the love and compassion I felt for those around me who were suffering the loss of someone so special, and for the many people who were willing to show their love for Mum and their caring thoughts towards all of us. I felt such a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation too that my mother had touched so many lives and left such an indelible imprint on so many, including myself, and it is that profound learning and its impact that I want to share with you through The Precious Tear. My hope is that it resonates with anyone who has experienced the effects of loss and grief, and anyone wanting to know or read about the powerful effects of nurturing positivity, gratitude and appreciation.

©Elaine W Shaw 2014