We don’t always do that…We are not always careful what we say…Sometimes we are so unkind to ourselves that we treat ourselves badly…Have you ever told yourself that you are stupid or something even worse? Chances are that you probably have…Have a think and be honest with yourself…Maybe you’ve even affirmed a negative thought…I’m such a…! words-are-powerful-brWe tend to say those negative I ams when we make a mistake, drop something, or cause a problem for ourselves…

You may think it doesn’t matter, but it chips away at your self-esteem and your confidence. Imagine if someone else continually told you that you were bad, or stupid, or something worse, over time the effects would be damaging, maybe even devastating…Well, that’s what you are doing to yourself every time you say those hurtful, unkind words to yourself…So, it is time to rethink those thoughts…but let’s have some fun and keep it light-hearted…I challenge you to say something nice to yourself today, and smile as you say it…e.g. I like, or I love my hair today, it looks good, or I really like the colour of my hair or my eyes. I love my eyes, I am OK, everything is good, I am feeling good, I am feeling happy today, I am confident today, I am full of good ideas…You get the picture…Join in and comment to tell em how you have spoken kindly to yourself today.

‘Till Next Time


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