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The purpose of the ‘Woman to Woman’ Facebook Group is to help lift spirits, empower and build confidence, and support woman. All members are asked to be proactive and post empowering, positive and uplifting comments, images and quotes that will help other women feel supported, and remember,  it is a free resource.

All members can ask for support, as well as offer support. Our focus is on sharing positivity and caring for each other within a respective and kind environment. I hope that you will enjoy being part of ‘Woman to Woman’, and If you think someone you know would benefit from our group then please, feel free to pass an invitation for them to join.

This group is led by myself, Elaine Shaw, the owner of Elaine W Shaw. There are regular social threads and a chance to meet like-minded women who are happy to be active members and post regularly, and respond to posts and comments that resonate.

I hope that you will feel comfortable to share your positive, kind and helpful thoughts as well as feel able to seek a supportive shoulder should you wish.

All members are asked to be kind, supportive and cooperative at all times, any negativity, rudeness or unkind comments will not be tolerated and is not within the spirit of the group.

So, on a really positive note – Grab a cup of tea or a coffee, come over to the Woman to Woman Facebook Group, settle yourself comfortably and let’s share kindness and positivity, and be supportive of each other, and remember to smile have some fun.
You Can Make a Request to Join NOW, right here!

Once your request has been approved,  be sure to explore inside the Group Page, – and take a look at what seem like older posts – They are full of  lots of fabulous  content to make your first visit an interesting one.
You will also find links to special Freebies and helpful and interesting pages.
Remember to comment on posts as much as you like, and make new posts, too – The purpose of this group is to help lift spirits, empower and build confidence, and support woman.
I am Elaine, and I will be joining in on the conversations and posting interesting articles too, and items that I think you will like and find encouraging, and worthy of lots of discussion… and that is my vision – For you to connect with each other, join in and post your own ideas, ask questions, and help others who post, too. I want to see Woman to Woman  grow into an amazing, encouraging, uplifting, and supportive community of like-minded woman who care about other women –  and there is nothing more powerful than a group of women who care about each other.

Go to the Woman to Woman Facebook Group 

Woman to Woman Facebook Group, always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – Come along and Join In – Stay as long as you like

Poisitivity – Kindness – Empowering – Confidence – Supportive – Caring –

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