Wasn’t having  a good evening, strange really because I’d had a good afternoon, spent quality time with my Dad, but came home and found myself really aggrieved with my husband. It was a past issue, something that I obviously hadn’t put to rest. It welled up inside of me and before I could blink I was filled with negativity and felt unable to move out of the shadow. I knew deep down in my being that I had created that reality and I kept telling myself to turn it around and be positive, but nothing positive was coming to mind, I felt tears beginning to take over and even when I managed to think about something ‘nice’ it had no impact on the devastated feeling that was present. I began using positive affirmations, but felt they were a lie! It wasn’t a good time. I lay on the bed, obviously feeling sorry for myself, and quite annoyed with myself too, for allowing such negativity to get a grip, then out of nowhere I felt tired, exhausted actually and when I woke up it was 11:50! But I felt energised, I was smiling, the negativity had relented, I knew it hadn’t totally disappeared, but I felt able to refocus and think more positively. Amazing how we sometimes think we have forgiven, but then it becomes clear that we haven’t and we realise that we still harbour resentment. I was unsure as to how to move on from this, how to clear the debris, I mean really clear it, then I received a very special gift through my inbox. Special because it reminded me of what’s really important, it put me back on my path and I am so grateful.