Your most important job is to feel good about yourself, your life and your world, to feel happy about your day. You may think that this is selfish, but in fact it is quite unselfish. Consider for a moment, how you feel when someone around you is miserable and unhappy; there’s an atmosphere and before long you feel down yourself. Similarly, if someone is in a good mood, smiling and laughing, you pick up on that too, and maybe even get caught up in the laughter and you end up feeling good.

We often make things so complicated, make it hard in our minds to see anything to feel good about. We get caught up in everyday dramas, and revisit and discuss them over and over again letting them grow and gather importance, we soak up the misery reflected on our television screens and focus on negativity. Instead we just need to stop and reflect on the little things in our day, the everyday things we often take for granted.

  • what made you smile
  • what felt good when you touched it
  • how blue the sky was
  • the colours that you liked today
  • that flower that caught your eye
  • the smell of the casserole or meal you had for tea
  • the fleeting memory of your Nan that flashed quickly through your mind
  • your love of the music you played in the car
  • the scent of your perfume
  • the comfort your felt when you kicked off your shoes when you came home from work
  • the greeting from your little dog
  • that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning
  • the warmth and comfort of hot chocolate on a cold evening
  • how your heart felt when the little girl or boy gave you a hug
  • and so on –

The easiest way to feel good at the end of each day is to ignore any crap and focus on what went well, what was OK.

No matter how small, or how insignificant it might appear; because hey, if it felt good, if it brought a smile or made your heart skip a beat, if you had a happy second, then its BIG, its worth celebrating, it matters, boy does it matter, focus on the things that went well and felt good and you will be surprised how much better each day will feel. CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD, it can change your life.

Do this every day for a week or more and notice how you begin to look for things that make you smile and feel good, and how many there seem to be. Make feeling good your most important job everyday.

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