I wonder what the word love conjures up for you – Stop for a minute or two, and just give is some thought.

LOVE, only 4 keystrokes of the keyboard, or a few small scrolls of the pen, takes only a second or so to say, but think of its impact. It affects everyone it touches, it touches lives, my life, your life, our families, our friends; the list is endless, our pets, the environment, the Earth, there’s no end to its impact.

So, now we’ve thought how huge Love is, let’s think a little deeper…

If I was to ask you if you love yourself, I wonder how you would feel, or what your first thought would be. Is it an easy thing to do, loving yourself?  Is it relevant to you, to think about yourself in such a way, or is it simply something you say to, and feel about others, you know those special people, and maybe even some special things, in your life?

I’m wondering what words, and thoughts fell into your mind, and which feelings welled up from deep within. Maybe some were really good thoughts, happy thoughts, thoughts of how beautiful and special you are, how kind you are, and a whole host of other wonderful, breath-taking words that fill and empower your heart with more love and good feelings, words that have such wonderful meaning they embrace you like the wings of an angel . I hope so.

Maybe, instead, you experienced something different, but equally profound. Perhaps thoughts that pulled down and sunk deep into your stomach, reeling through your body, and slowly engulfing your spirit, so that your mind and your heart felt like old stagnant friends. As if they were united and feeding off every miserable thought,  hijacking your smile, and dissipating your self-esteem and self-worth, and leaving devastation in their wake.

Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? It is, very dramatic. Imagine the effects of feeling so bad, every-time you looked at yourself and thought badly about how you looked, or remembered something you felt ashamed of or guilty about, or you were reminded of something hurtful that someone has said. Over time the effects of such negativity would be damaging, and so devastating that they could change the very fabric of your being, influence your direction and have the power to make you feel trapped in a negative  lifestyle. No mistake about it, your words, your thoughts and your feelings ARE powerful.

Was one of your first thoughts of vanity? It’s true we are taught to be modest, and to think of others before ourselves, those are the general rules we grow, and nurture, and accept throughout our lives, but this LOVE is not a vain love. No, rather it is a beautiful love that guides our spirit, guides our lives, nurtures us in a quiet unassuming way, helps us grow and be all that we can be. Without such a love, we can sometimes end up living in partial darkness, with our light obscured, and our feelings wallowing in the embers of what should be.

When we value ourselves, take care of our inner spirit and recognise all the good things about ourselves, we begin to open our eyes to the beauty of our lives and our world, and the good in those around us.  When we focus and nurture positivity in this way, we have the power to extinguish unwanted thoughts and feelings and re-route our life in any way we choose. We empower ourselves and teach those around us how to treat us well, respectfully and kindly. We cultivate generous and happy feelings in ourselves and others, and so much more.

I know which way I prefer to live. What about you?

Until Tomorrow,


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©elainewshaw  2016