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Vision Board

One day whilst perusing the Web I came across something called ‘Vision Boards’… I found myself captivated by the possibilities and decided to find out more about the concept. After exploring several sites where the hosts appeared to utilise ‘Vision Boards’ as a means of self discovery and spiritual growth I was hooked on the idea…although I had not tried them out myself at this stage!

I suppose I was trying to influence my life, to experience some positivity and to feel worthwhile and successful once again. So I decided to give ‘Vision Boards’ a whirl and see what, if anything happened. I was really quite excited at the prospect of searching through and tearing up magazines looking for inspirational words and pictures. I remembered that all the example boards were beautiful, some looked like ‘masterpieces,’ it was clear to see that the creators had put lots of love and care into their boards. However, the most important facet of vision boards is intention, and emotion. Pictures and words must resonate, and form the creative picture that matches your wants and desires, and preferred outcomes. Pouring the love from your heart and your creative spirit can lead you to unexpected thoughts and ideas that come alive on your board and in your life.

I also loved the idea of using them in a ‘scrap’ page and decorative way, with focused attention and quirky ideals, and I found myself creating separate boards for work and home. I even created an unexpected board about respect! I loved the fun of creating the boards, and so began my relationship with ‘Vision Boards’ and the birth of my first Blog…my path to sharing ideas and discovering how others are using vision boards and positive affirmations.

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