Earlier today I was asked about Vision Boards and how they are working in my life…and that question prompted much thought; and a personal evaluation of their value and place in my life.

I joked that I must be addicted to them, but actually there is a truth in that…I love them, they are such a valuable asset in my life, they allow me to focus and combine my creative and spiritual expression.

All my boards focus on emotional attributes, my relationships with special people, my children and my family, development of my sense of self-worth and my success in all areas of my life, including my writing, and the development of happy and joyful experiences and opportunities to elevate my life and those that I love. Of course, my boards also focus on material aspects of life; financial increase and success, travel and holidays, my dream home and a new car, too, even the repair of my hall floor and the building of my boiler cupboard are on my vision board! They are undoubtedly dream boards in every sense of the word, but they are more importantly the physical expression of my thoughts and desires. They are straight from my heart, they help define my thoughts and desires in a physical sense and more so because I write on them as well as stick images on, so I am writing my desires affirmatively and expressing positive inner emotion too. They are also ‘part of a package’ – and I think this is the most important point – they are part of a whole expressive me, conveyed and communicated in an affirmative, positive, loving, caring way, and accompanied by the consistent and sustained nurturing of a positive, wealthy and abundant mindset. I am grateful that I discovered Vision Boards and even more grateful for the inspired thought and expression that they cultivate in me.

Why not have a go and let me know how you get on with your Vision Boards.

Sending You Love and Light


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