Had a fabulous trip down memory lane today – Spent the afternoon thinking and chatting about my childhood. You know; favourite this, favourite that, best this, best that…. I remembered our first family car in the 1960s…Gosh, I loved that car, I mean really loved it. I remember it so distinctly, and with immense fond affection.

My Dad bought bought a Wolseley 1500, and during the Summer months he used to take us touring in the hills and countryside after school. Mum would pack a picnic bag, and our dog ‘Kip’ would come with us too. We saw so much of our lovely English countryside, and learned so much about the landscape that began to feel so near, yet so far – a bit different to the back streets of Manchester where we lived back then.

During the school holidays, we enjoyed so many day trips, and geography and history came to life with the explanations and historic detail that my Father shared with us. I’m sure that’s where my love of history, pride in my roots and love of nature and architecture came from.

Another of my favourite and memorable trips was our annual evening drive to Blackpool. After driving along the Northern roads we would join the long line of cars to drive through the lights, and then finishing our trip out with chips in paper from the fish and chip shop, and eating them on the journey home. A trip that I have since taken many times with my own children when they were younger.

I love my lovely childhood memories. It would be lovely to see a Wolseley 1500 again, I remember the beautiful polished wood dashboard, and the fun of the old hand crank to start her up on the winter time!

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‘Till Next Time

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