have you been kind redder

Its surprising how many times we can be unkind to ourselves in any given day…

Think about it for a moment…Its a normal busy morning; you’re making a coffee and shouting to the kids to hurry up and come downstairs for breakfast because you’ve just caught sight of the clock, and realise that if you all don’t get a move on the children will be late for school and you’ll be late for work. The next thing you know, you’ve dropped the coffee jar and now there’s coffee all over the worktop and the floor. You sigh very loudly, and slam the jar on the counter as you look at all the mess. You then put your hand to your head…”What a ……,” you shout out loud to yourself. “How can you be so stupid? Look at the time…, you’re such an idiot.” blah, blah, blah…

You can picture the scenario, its a classic moment when you’re rushing and trying to do at least 10 jobs at once.

How many instances like the one above do you experience in a day, a week, a month, each year, every 10 years or so, in your lifetime, especially when you experience  a ‘bad day’ and nothing seems to go right?  Probably too many to count, or even remember. All that criticism, all that unkind thinking and all those unkind comments directed at yourself. Imagine the damage all that consistent negativity directed at someone would do…but that is what you are doing to yourself every time you speak that way to yourself. Or, when you look in the mirror and think something negative about yourself, or when you tell yourself that you can’t do something; that you are too old, not clever or smart enough, not pretty or attractive enough. You are projecting negative thinking towards yourself…You wouldn’t do that to someone else or to your friend, but we do that to ourselves, and just accept it, we think it does no harm, but it does. It chips away at your self-esteem, and it undermines your confidence. You begin to devalue yourself and subconsciously tell yourself that you are not worthy, that you don’t deserve, that you are not enough…it influences your decisions….and can prevent you from going after your dreams….It silently impacts your life….

So be kind to yourself today and everyday…say something nice to yourself instead, smile as you pass the mirror, tell yourself you look good, or that you like your hair or the top that you are wearing today. Make it a fun exercise, and challenge yourself to say more kind things to yourself each day, or buy yourself a bunch of flowers, a new book, or your favourite treat, and tell yourself you deserve it.

Let us know in the comments the ways that you have been kind to yourself.

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