What do you think about yourself? Do you treasure and nurture yourself? Are you kind to yourself, or do you constantly put yourself down..without even thinking about it?…Go on take a moment or two to think about it..Be honest with yourself…When was the last time you said something encouraging or nice to yourself, or is that notion alien to you?
We encourage others everyday…If you’re anything like me you would say ‘thank you’ to the cashier or the shop assistant as he or she passed you your change; you would hug your children and smile at that them many times a day, you would even encourage them to do their best and offer consoling words when they hurt themselves or not do so well in their tables or spelling tests. If you think about it, there are many times each day when we offer a kind word, an uplifting smile, a caring comment or even a good deed which could be something as simple as holding the door open for someone, but what do we do to encourage and love ourselves?

I bet you can remember, much more clearly, the last time you told yourself to stop being stupid, or you called yourself a name, or even felt disappointed or annoyed with yourself.

Perhaps taking care of yourself and loving yourself simply invokes thoughts of personal care or keeping fit and eating the right foods, but what about your emotional needs and the needs of your inner-self? Maybe you’ve never even considered this; I know at one time I didn’t, yet I innately responded to those very needs within my children, my elderly parents and my family. Why then do we ignore those very needs within ourselves? For me it wasn’t simply ignoring my inner-self and leaving that part of me to take care of itself, it was a complete lack of awareness. I had never given that part of me a thought…It was as if it didn’t exist. Sure I took care of myself, as we all do, I ate well and healthily, most of the time, I exercised when I felt like it, to be honest until my latter years I had never experienced weight gain (except during pregnancy, of course!) and if anyone had asked me if I took care of my inner-self I would have thought about the health of my heart in terms of healthy eating, regular exercise, not smoking and alcohol consumption and would have felt self-assured that I led a healthy lifestyle and that I took good care of myself. I would also have given a brief thought to stress, but would have brushed it aside as something that most people cope with these days, and that I was no different to anybody else, it was simply part and parcel of the times in which we live; an expectation of modern life.

We so often trudge though life like that, never considering how really important we are as individuals, only thinking of ourselves when we get ready to go out somewhere special…When I think about it, that was probably the only time I ever gave myself any proper time and attention, and with work and motherhood and the normal day to day drain on family finances going out wasn’t something I did very often. I didn’t really appreciate ME, and I wonder how many women experience that without even realising how important they actually are? How many of us plod on through life never considering our own needs and if we do, dismissing them as unimportant. For some women, especially women who may be, or who may feel isolated, caring thoughts or loving relationships may be so far removed from reality that hearts may not just be ‘broken’ but may be starved of love and affection, and positivity a distant or even non existent thought. I know, I remember feeling that way, loneliness breeds negativity and lack of personal attention, other than devouring self worth. So to those women who may be experiencing such a lack of personal love and the nurturing of kindness towards oneself, I send loving thoughts from an open and emphatic heart and wish you happiness and peace and joy, and a hope that you will find the love and a smile in your heart for yourself and that you may ponder the thought, I appreciate YOU.

Till Next Time


©Elaine W Shaw  2014  All Rights Reserved