The road to enlightenment is not always an easy road, nor is it a straight road, rather you often find yourself on an uneven and uncultivated pathway with many challenges both internal and external; or are they in fact all internal?

As I explore my thoughts and continue to rise above and look beyond my ‘ego;’ that pesky little imp that portrays itself as my friend, that when I am not looking or paying attention, lures me into a false sense of security, that human facet within that loves to meet the challenges and the obstacles as they present themselves to me just to say, “There you go, I warned you, I told you so,” that mischievous nemesis that loves to wallow in self-pity when I make wrong choices and decisions and then fights with all its might when I realise I’ve strayed from my pathway and gone off a tangent. Then as I scramble to pick myself up and dust off the old cobwebs that keep re-emerging just when I thought they’d gone and I try to realign myself and continue nurturing my wonderful, loving and tenacious spirit I search within my heart and look for the good and the learning in each disappointment, in each sad moment, in each sorrowful time I encounter and in every lonesome avenue I find myself, that I may not wither or give in but that I continue to walk my path with love, gratitude and positivity, and aspire that one day I will see and feel that I am an enlightened being, a healed soul fully conversant and aligned with my purpose.

With Thoughts of Love


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