Just sitting here thinking about positive affirmations and their effect on my life, and it occurred to me just how powerful they actually are.Abundant Blossom I Am Happy Button lg I never dreamed for one minute, when I first began using them that in such a short space of time they would have had such a profound effect, especially at such a sad time in my life, after losing my mother.

They have uplifted my soul, simply affirming my love of life and expressing gratitude for the wonderful people I share my life with and all the blessings I have and experience everyday has had a profound and positive effect. On a practical level I suppose not a lot has changed really; I’m still doing the same job, and going about my day to day business as I normally would, but I see  everything differently, I think differently, I feel more fulfilled, happier and more thankful for what I have, and our home is filled with love and family unity, which I cherish more than anything. Everyone smiles more, and there seems to be so many more moments of laughter, everyone seems calmer and we take the time to talk more…still not getting my children to keep their rooms as tidy as I’d like, but well, I’m sure that will come, too!

Till next time…