The Love in My life Begins With ME!

We love many people as we move through our lives, some reciprocate and grow with us nurturing our feelings and our emotions, some may be indifferent, and others may not be so kind, and even hurt us deeply. Love comes in and out of our lives in a myriad of ways, it ebbs and flows like the ocean with an innate power to affect our moods and emotions, our thoughts and even our well-being.

Our first encounter with love is usually with our parents, and our family, and hopefully you grew in a happy, caring environment, but sadly, we know that is not always the case. From the moment we are born, each one of us is already experiencing love in different ways and with varying degrees. The love we are given at an early age has an immense effect, and impacts how we give and receive love and affection, both as a child and as an adult. Every smile and every look, every touch and every cuddle, the tone of the voices and activity around us, the atmosphere and the ambiance of our home and the environment we grow in, everything we encounter externally affects us internally, and shapes our view of the world, our life, and OURSELVES.

By the time we are young adults we already have an opinion of what the world and life has to offer us. We may even share a different view from our siblings and other members of our family, or we may never have known the how it feels to be really loved, and to be one of the most important people in someone else’s life. To not experience the love that night-time kisses bring to help us feel secure and happy as we go to bed at night, for cuddles and kind words. However our experience with love began, it moulds our future, and can either enhance or distort our view of ourselves, our life and our world.

To be taught as children how important it is to recognise how special we are, to see and recognise our talents and our gifts, to help us nurture our abilities and praise our efforts in every area of lives. Building self-esteem and self-confidence can often be a long and arduous journey,  but when nurtured naturally it grows as we grow, it becomes an innate part of ourselves, it opens our heart and helps us grow emphatically and with a generous heart and spirit. Our worth and our value is fostered  without limit, and we are able to give and receive love, affection and friendship in beautiful heartfelt ways. We become naturally thoughtful and compassionate, with a warm, confident sense of self that extends our caring to others.

Many of us know that it is important to find time for ourselves, and for our past-times, hobbies, and the things that we love to do. Appreciating and respecting those parts of ourselves is showing love to ourselves, nurturing our creativity and our creative spirit. Respecting and being kind to ourselves can take many forms; the care that we give our bodies with food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, keeping ourselves clean and smart, caring about what we eat and drink, focusing on kind and positive self-talk and good feeling thoughts, and nurturing and growing a positive attitude and a positive outlook in our day to day lives, are all ways that can help us live happy and fulfilled lives, and it begins within – The Love in My Life Begins with Me!

‘Til Tomorrow


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©elainewshaw  2016