I got to thinking about the little things that often happen that may raise a smile or lift our mood, even if only for a second or two, and I remembered when the robin that visits our little yard, right outside my French windows, perched himself on the snow-covered patio table. His blazing red breast highlighted by the snow as he jumped and turned on his little legs, and in a whisper he was gone, but oh how his visit, as fleeting as it was, lifted my heart and brought a smile, and really brightened my day.

Then I also remembered the unexpected but wonderful sight of not one, but two butterflies that I discoverDSC00485ed on the table in my garden a few weeks ago. I was amazed, they just lay there as if they were sunbathing, basking themselves in the early morning sunshine. I stood over them, admiring their beautiful colours as I drank my morning coffee. I dragged myself away, risking them not being there when I got back, and rushed to get my camera. Although ecstatically pleased, I couldn’t believe my luck when I returned to find them still there. I took several wonderful pictures before they each decided to float away.

Such little happenings are like jewels, little gifts to treasure, gifts of nature and gifts of life.

What little jewels have graced your life?

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Till next time