Sunday is Home Day Me and You Day

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For me Sunday brings feelings of warmth and cosiness, love and togetherness, relaxation and fun, as well as quiet and cuddles…To me Sundays were made for Family and Home….

Growing up, Sunday was the one day when we were all home together, we enjoyed a family roast and watched our favourite television programmes, Sometimes we would visit my Nana and Grandad, and evenings were time for baths and comfort.

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I love that thought…

Later, as my children grew Sundays were Home Days, Me and You Days, Family Days too, we cuddled up on the sofa and watched family films, favourite TV programmes, Sunday Lunch was special whether home or with family and inlaws. Relaxing and comfort were still the Sunday mainstay – Sunday is like family love in my heart,Fond memories relived throughout time.

Now, I am older, and my kids are grown, some have families all of their own, but Sunday for me still means the same, Home Day, Me and You Day, Family Day, and now lots more Me Day, which i love. Cuddles with our little dog Alfie on the sofa, films and chat with those who are home, a chance to relax and live in the moment, to cherish my thoughts and enjoy the day. Sunday is still my very best Comfort Day…

Sending You Love ‘Till Next time



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