Take some time to stop and listen…Listen to those who you love….What do you really hear? Is it the sound of cries and what feels hard to hear, or is it the sound of joy that still rings beautifully in your ear?


The sounds you hear are clues to your life, of your happiness level and will reflect HOW you see the world and your life….


Is your world happy and friendly or filled with unwanted noise?


Stop for a moment and reflect within, let the noise, and the cries tell you where to begin.

Cuddles and hugs and loving tones, and gentle voices like the quiet sound of snow.

Look around and cherish the sounds that you hear for they reflect your thinking and what you hold dear….

Hear the birds in trees and the flap of their wings, hear the angels cry from deep within, hear the sound of laughter to brighten your day, and sounds of life in your heart to stay.

Hear the sounds of your home and the tea flowing to your cup, hear the hearts ring out as you all share hugs.

Hear the wind blowing round and rustling the trees and the sound of baby steps and the patter of little and tiny feet.

Hear the sounds of your life and welcome them into your heart, for they are reflective of love, and joy, and the light in your life.

So too, of fear and apprehension too.

All the lost moments you feel, hold them close to your heart, let them guide and nurture you so very carefully.

For they are shadows and reflections of the life that you see.

Of the hopes in your heart, and the outward signs of your love.

Whatever you feel from moment to moment, the sounds of your life reflect your thoughts and your feelings.

Remember too, that you can’t hear the laughter if you concentrate on hurt, and you can’t hear the joy if sadness is nurtured.


Listening, one of life’s powerful gifts that can bring magic to your life, if you let it….

So take some time to stop and listen….


Sending You Love ‘Till Next Time

Elaine ♥


©elainewshaw 2018  All rights Reserved