Sometimes we awake and experience a numbness, a low untriumphant feeling, you know what I mean, not necessarily unhappiness, but a feeling of stepping backwards, a knowing that you’ve strayed from the path, things don’t feel right and you realise that things have been kind of drifting and going off balance, slipping back and you’ve been trying to get back on track but instead you find yourself caught in the throes of a ‘moody’ day. It feels kind of alien now, as things have been going well, yet it exudes a familiarity and sparks memories of everything you DON’T want, before you know it, like a devouring creature it swallows you up and your goals and positive thoughts seem like they’ve moved to a locked room and you’re fumbling to find the key, all the time the creature is holding you tighter and tighter. You feel as if you haven’t come as far as you thought you had, that you must be doing something wrong, that maybe all your efforts to extract yourself from a life of lack and drudgery had been for nothing. Then you hear it, the small voice in the background, quietly but succinctly offering a different thought, you try to grasp it but the invading creature seems to grow stronger to drown out the supportive and loving voice within. You ask for a sign to show you the way and a new teacher appears with the same message but dressed in a different way. The creature doesn’t recognise this new loving supporter and begins to dissipate and move to the background. You know he’s not gone, but you have a reprieve, time to focus on the good things in life your new teacher reminds you of. You are grateful for their presence in your life, and you are grateful your plea was answered so quickly and so profoundly. You know that you still have lots of inner work to do but at least you have finally smiled this morning, and you know that you are not alone –

Synchronicity, and positivity, are such powerful supporters in my life and I am so grateful.

With Thoughts of Love

Till Next Time


© Elaine W Shaw 2014