How do you consciously begin caring for yourself when you have no idea what that means, what it entails?



As women we trundle along, taking care of everything and everyone else, our children, our partners, our work, our homes, sometimes our parents, and our friends, never stopping to think about ourselves. At times when we do so, it can sometimes be in a resentful way, rather than coming from any real care or love for ourselves. As we tire and become emotionally and physically exhausted, we can sometimes voice our deeper thoughts and resentments about having to do everything, and how we don’t feel we receive enough, or indeed any help. Our stress levels rise, and our outbursts may not always receive the help that we are, in fact, looking for.


A Couple of Questions for You to Ponder:



Do you see SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE as one and the same?
Do you dismiss the thought of Self-Love, as self indulgent, and unimportant? Something that only vain people pursue?


“Self-Care is an act of Self-Love” – Unknown….




You are giving yourself love when you care for yourself. You are telling yourself that you are important, that you care about YOU. Loving yourself is truly empowering, leading to a deep self-respect. You innately create boundaries that show others how to treat you, when you care for yourself.


Self-Love is caring about your welling-being, recognising and knowing that you are important, that you matter and that you have lots to give to those around you, and to the world. Its about caring about your happiness and taking active steps each day to feel good, and to promote and grow your happiness, and grow happy thoughts and feelings.


We can love and care for ourselves in many ways:



Practically, by taking care of our appearance, exercising and eating good food, fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and resting and getting the right amount of sleep that our individual body requires.


Emotionally and Spiritually, by cultivating and growing a brighter outlook, looking for what feels good and focusing on happy and good feeling thoughts. Taking time to quiet our mind, speaking kindly to ourselves, and boosting our self-esteem and our confidence with positive thoughts and affirmations. Accepting where you are, and how you feel, learning to be forgiving of yourself and know that you will be OK.

We can sometimes find self-love and self-care practices difficult to both practice and comprehend, and that is OK. It really is alright, and a normal response to new ideas, and to a new way of thinking and behaving,  Some of us can implement changes easily and thrive on doing so, whilst others need more time to adjust, which ever way you choose to introduce self-love and self-care into your life it is OK, and it is the right way for you. What is important is that the activities you focus on, and the changes that you make, help you to feel good, lift your spirits and help you to grow.


As you grow and learn you will begin to appreciate the value of being kind to yourself at a much deeper level, and you will gradually increase the many activities that can help you focus on reconnecting and loving yourself more, and caring for each aspect of you and your life. Self-Love and Self -Care are part of a lifestyle and many of the activities we focus attention on are inspiring and have a true sense of fun, and that’s what you are looking to do, make it an enjoyable experience, introducing fun and happiness into your world in ways that fit you and your personality. There is no ‘one size fits all,’ it is about YOU, and Your Life….What makes You Feel Good, Feel Inspired, Feel Happy, Feel Amazing, Feel more Confident. You have the freedom to choose how you wish to Love, and Care and Help Yourself.


There are many resources available here within my pages and my Blog, to help you begin and grow your Self-Love and Self-Care Journey, and I look forward to to sharing them with you.


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Remember, You are Loved and You Are Amazing


Sending You Love ‘Till Next time





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