For many years I have enjoyed spending time scrapbooking our family photographs and the children’s drawings and work from school. Presenting and sharing such treasures beautifully has always been an important pastime for me, and my youngest daughter has always enjoying creating alongside me. We have crafted cards together as well as scrapbooks and I am sure that this has influenced and helped to develop her love of art and creative writing, and now she is older, photography. I cherish the times we’ve spent cutting, gluing, sticking and creating, the splattered paint sessions to create backgrounds, and the very thoughtful and personal journalling to accompany each photograph or piece of work, and the special sharing time we spent together.

In addition to the wonderful times spent sharing time with my daughter, I love expressing appreciation in such a beautiful and thoughtful way,  it focuses our thoughts on the good in our lives, and the love and appreciation in our hearts for special people and happy and profound times throughout our lives, and a depth of gratitude for our lives and our world.

So within my pages you may come across links to my favourite scrapbook blogs and the people whose work I love and has influenced so many of my own scrapbook creations. I love the traditional as well as the whimsy, the cute and the colourful, the historic and times past designs, especially when scrapping about my family history; another long-standing pastime of mine.

Feel free to share your own scrapbooking links and ideas here because sharing treasure is what my pages are all about.



  1. Sylvia Rizak

    You are amazing Elaine. X

  2. Laney


    Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comment, always so appreciative, and thank you so much for sharing in my pages. Have you been over to my website yet? Take a look, I know you’ll love it.

    Take Care, Love and Hugs to you.

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