San Marino – I think it has to be one of my most favourite places in the world, and I have visited many wonderful places throughout my life; travelling has always been magnetic to me, it is in my heart.

I first began visiting San Marino as a young girl with my parents. We used to stay at a hotel in Pesaro on the Adriatic coast of Italy every Summer. My Dad organised and led coach trips there, and of course there were several day trips including San Marino. I fell in love with the City, its atmosphere, and its history and culture. I love historic places and buildings, and San Marino’s historic essence was and is captivating, its views breathtaking, and whenever I visit I feel as if I have come home. Probably why I missed it so much when we stopped going annually, and I began exploring other fabulous and fascinating places with my children and my family.

My most recent visit is probably my favourite, we stayed in San Marino for a week and visited the City everyday for lunch or dinner. Our children had grown and our son was about to start University, my thought was that he may no longer holiday with us, and after all my talk of the beauty of the City, and sharing of my love of San Marino over the years, it was time for me to return and to take my two youngest children. I so wanted them to see it, and it was an amazing treat for me, staying there for a whole week, ascending via the cable car, and relaxing in the shadows of the peaceful historic little enclave.

We stayed in a ground floor apartment of a lovely home, at the base of the mountain, and enjoyed the long but peaceful walk up to the cable car each day. The weather was glorious the whole week, we were certainly blessed, and the garden was lovely with amazing views of the castle, which was simply divine when lit up at night. The sound of the water as it fell back into the pool over the rock waterfall was heavenly as we sat and drank wine and chatted, with the castle in background.

We had fun trying to speak Italian over the phone to order pizzas, but our son came to our rescue! We barbecued after visiting an amazing family store which doubled as a restaurant/cafe, and which we discovered accidentally on our walk back from the cable car in the late afternoon. To say we had a feast was an understatement. We explored and relaxed, it was an amazing week, a wonderful family week, a fantastic family holiday with lots of time to appreciate and share in the beauty of our surroundings, and the beauty and love of our family.

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