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 Positive Affirmation Cards-

When we first begin to focus on positivity and we make a conscious decision to actually grow that positivity in ourselves and in our lives we become aware more than ever of just how much negativity we are surrounded by and soaking up on a day to day basis, so we need helpful little snippets that we can easily remember and use, not just in a morning, but throughout our day, especially when we want to quickly counteract negative thoughts that may suddenly appear, as if from out of nowhere and sabotage our efforts to remain positive. To help you I have created lots of little positive affirmation cards that you can use and if you want to can print, too. These are FREE FOR YOU and available from my Positive Affirmation page. Simply click on the link at the bottom of this post and then enjoy and use them as much as you like. Remember to use them regularly as it is consistently that will help you to grow your positive mind-set.

Free Positive Affirmation Cards

TIP: Continue to use them regularly and consistently, even if you feel they aren’t making a difference, given time they will, you will begin to feel better about yourself and your surroundings and you may even notice a change in those around you, too. I know I did, it was quite subtle but things began to become more harmonious, people appeared kinder. Don’t give up…Give it a month or so and with regular use you may begin to see a difference.

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