It’s a beautiful day in some many ways, and for so many reasons. Its a brand new day, an opportunity for new beginnings, new smiles, new laughter, new memories and new thoughts, and maybe for thoughts of some old memories.

Thoughts of cherished memories of cherished people, those we’ve loved and still love, even though they are no longer here, but their essence remains, etched in our hearts. Yes, its Mother’s Day, and a time for remembering all the lovely things about out mothers,  a time for gratitude and appreciation, for little ones and big ones too, to remember with words, some eloquent, some not so, but all with that effervescent element of love and life and heartfelt appreciation. Appreciation for a love that is reciprocated, love felt from the depths of our hearts, often an innocent love but unconditional none the less, a special love from a bond so special, so strong, the bond shared with a mother and her child. An enormous love, so big that we sometimes forget its there as we move through the busy days of life.

One so big that I had almost lost sight of until the memories resurfaced today. Memories of a woman so strong , so resilient, whose strength was a part of me, but a strength which through circumstance had become hidden and shrouded, as I allowed myself to succumb to negativity in my life. A negativity that gradually crept up, that began to deplete my energy and chip away at my self-esteem, but the appreciation held so highly in my heart that resurfaced through the remembering someone so special and so loved today, helped me remember who I am, and how strong I am, because I carry my Mother’s strength with me forever etched in my heart, and I remember now, that I can do anything, I can be anything I can meet any challenge and be as successful as I want to be in any area of my life because I know the power of love and appreciation.

Thank you, I love you Mum, you are always with me, your love is a part of me.


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