Whilst going through some of my photos, and of course they were more than thought provoking, I came across several that were taken last Summer when I enjoyed a picnic in the woods with my youngest daughter and four of my grandchildren. We had shared a really wonderful afternoon snacking in the shade whilst sitting on a fallen tree and being followed by a very nosey and curious swan, yes I did say, “Swan!” It was truly wonderful, the sun was shining, a bit too much really from one’s comfort point of view, and the kids took turns at who could spot the most interest things, including the biggest cow pat! Anyway to cut a long story short – Eventually and somewhat wearily, we ventured towards home and as we walked along, very slowly now, (did I tell you that the sun was really hot) my little grandson, just four years old, decided to go in a different direction, through the grass. Of course I shouted after him, but he didn’t answer, then he stopped and bent down. I shouted to him again to come back to the path and part way through the third shout he turned round and ran as fast as he could towards us. I could see that he was carrying something very carefully in the palms of his hand and I as he moved closer I asked him what he had been doing and what had he got. He stopped in front of me, palms carefully cupped and holding the most delicate of buttercups, and with a big smile he said, “This is for my Mummy and my Daddy.” I felt myself instantly fill up with love, and a few tears came very close to the surface as I responded, “Awww, how lovely,” and captured the moment with a photograph simply because it was such a beautiful and priceless little experience, but a little experience filled with such big love, big love that went straight to my heart. A moment so simple, yet so profound and meaningful, that I decided to use the beautiful and treasured photograph for my new blog header. I hope that you all like it, too.

‘Till Next Time


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