Positive Affirmations and Gratitude – Is There a Connection?

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As you move through my pages you will hear and see lots about positive affirmations, they are a major source of personal strength for me…I use them everyday to cultivate  a strong and a positive confidence and to help direct my life. The powerful journey that I follow, is a consistent winding pathway with many forks, and indeed some pot-holes now and then, but I continue following my dreams knowing that my positivity and use of positive affirmations help me create a firm and confident foundation to be all I can be. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t get browned off when the kids don’t keep their rooms tidy and bring their washing downstairs, or when my husband leaves the contents of his pockets on my nicely polished table, of course I do, I am human, and therefore steeped in emotion, but I am also very much aware that my reaction and thoughts create my reality. So when I focus too much on the things that bother me, you guessed it, I keep getting more of the same, so I go back to positive affirmations and concentrate on what I do want rather than what I don’t want. So too, I recognise that positive affirmations are a way of life; we don’t stop using them when we see or experience what we are striving for, we keep on remembering what we want and share our gratitude for what we receive. That’s why I feel so strongly that positive affirmations and gratitude journaling go hand in hand –

You know, there was a time when I used to think I was poor; I’d spent a lot of my adult life striving for more – more money, more clothes, more food, more…well more everything. Coming from a traditional British working class background, I’d been brought up to believe that whatever you wanted only came with hard work. “Nothing wrong with that,”you might think, but just think about it for a minute…Within my mind and all those around me, was a situation of lack, never enough – not enough food, not enough money to pay the bills, living hand to mouth to get through each week. My parents worked harder and harder every week, life could often be drab… Don’t get me wrong, I was loved and cared for and my parents gave me all that they could, and I am grateful for all the sacrifices they made to give my sister and I the best that they could, but from within that realm of poverty as I grew, I too developed a poverty mindset, borne out of my environment and the social deprivation I encountered during my day to day life. From the depths of my being I believed that my life would never be any different, that people like me weren’t destined to have money or a life without struggle, life was always going to be hard. I also felt a sense of pride for my roots, as we all do, a pride beset with inner strength to rise above the lack, but a sense of pride that also reinforced my deeply rooted poverty mindset. Throughout my family’s history there was inherent hardship, it was both a physical and a tangible, very real existence, you could feel and touch the poverty, it was a visible essence, and a heartfelt, destructive entity driving home the essence of a life of lack and scarcity for decades and even centuries for some of the branches of my family’s past. The very nature of such a life provides the consistent thought structure to remaining stuck in a poverty trap, and my family was no different to millions of others all around the world, caught in the misery and drudgery of not having enough.

Now, instead, I choose to feel blessed and thankful for my life, for the empathy and compassion my life and its struggles have taught me, blessed for all the opportunities to love and be loved that I experience everyday. Grateful for my wonderful and caring children and all my beautiful creative and talented grandchildren, and all my loving and supportive extended family and friends. I am thankful for all the little things in life that we so often take for granted and some things that maybe we don’t even think about ever being thankful for, like the sight of the sky as I wake up in the morning, and the country air that I breathe each day, the sound of a baby in the distance, the isolated rose on the somewhat barren bush in my garden, the sound of my children running up the stairs, the smell of fresh mint and freshly brewed coffee and the smell of freshly baked bread. I am thankful too, for memories locked deep in my heart of beautiful people that have graced my life and taught me so much as they too walked their own path, the smiles and wise words of my wonderful grandmother, and the gentle hand of my maternal grandfather, the heroic exploits of my paternal grandfather and special moments too many to mention but that all make me the purposeful woman I am today, and now instead of fear and complaints I am thankful for all the good things I already have in my life.

I see positive affirmations and gratitude as the key; the key to my well-being and the key to my abundant perspective because you see I am surrounded by an abundance of love, an abundance of life, an abundance of beautiful countryside and beautiful country air and I could go on and list a myriad of wonderful things in my life.. but instead I’ll share something special with you – “I don’t focus on what I don’t have, instead I focus on everything that is good in my life and and positive affirmations help me to do that, and boy, do I feel empowered and special.”

Positive Affirmations help focus our mind and direct our thinking, over time enabling us to change our perspective and feel happier about ourselves and our lives. Using them daily helps create a sense of belonging and self assurance, and form good feeling and positive thoughts, as you begin to realise just how important and special you are.

Try using positive affirmations for about a month or so, tell yourself that you are loved and open your heart to the wonderful person that you are. Let them become a way of life…

Surround yourself and your family with beautiful affirmations – Let them be exquisite and elegant reminders of how you want to be, how you want to feel, and how you wan to live your life. You may already be using affirmations in this way, and not even realise it – TShirts, bags and other clothing tend to carry affirmations, and accompanying graphics, remember to make sure that you and your children are wearing positive comments! You my also have cups, mugs and plates, breakfast bowls with affirming text on them, this is a fun way of introducing affirmations into your home, and perfect for a positive start to your day. Let the children begin their day too, with fun affirming cups and plates; I am Beautiful, I am Smart, I am Amazing, and so on. Fostering positivity and good feeling thoughts from an early age helps those personal values grow naturally and helps them become an innate part of our being. Bathroom accessories and pictures can also be a good source of lovely affirmations for your home, brightening our homes up in more ways than one!

Why not take it a step further and like myself choose affirmations that focus my thoughts on where I choose, and create your own affirmation pictures in frames, I have these displayed in both my bedroom and my bathroom, as well as my home office space. Have fun creating these, simply print off your own I AMs, or use quotes that jump out and grab you! I too like cups with affirmations I like and that I feel are beneficial to me and my family. You can even find beautiful cushions and bed-linen now, imagine beautiful cushions and pillows with exquisite and elegant affirmation text for your bed, and cushions for the sofa. All these carefully thought out additions to your home help you create and grow good feeling thoughts and self-confidence.

I believe in the value and benefit of using affirmations in such a natural, happy and fun-loving, way so much that I am currently designing my own range of affirming home-ware, textiles, stationary and gifts, which I am excited to say will soon be available online. 

If you would like to receive updates of my new affirming range including when they will be available online, then please pop your name and email into the box, and I thank you sincerely for your interest.

Healthy Eating Affirmation Cards

Below you will find a few examples of affirmations to help you love your changing body as you begin your quest to get fit and healthy. Try writing some of your own on card or sticky notes and use them everyday to lift your spirits.

Remember: To write them in present tense; e.g. I am, I have..and place them in your bag to carry them with you  or somewhere you can see them every day, such as the edge of your mirror. Then you can recite them easily as you get ready each morning.

Click on the cards above to see them in full as a slide show

Free E-Book available shortly with printable affirmation cards for you 

Evening Starlight Affirmation Cards

The first of a new range of designs with affirmations to help you maintain a positive outlook.