Positive Affirmations

So proud of the positive affirmation buttons I have created…

Abundant Blossom I AM Successful Button lg     Abundant Blossom I Am Happy Button lg     Abundant Blossom I Am Creative Buton lg     Abundant Blossom I AM Button lg

Abundant Blossom I Am Valued Button Lg      Abundant Blossom I AM Tenacious Button Lg      Abundant Blossom I AM Supported Button Lg      Abundant Blossom I AM Intelligent LG

Hope to be making lots more soon – so keep visiting

Click on the link to read and share in all of my positive affirmations posts  https://theabundantblossom.wordpress.com/category/positive-affirmations/



  1. Pat Balvanz

    Your affirmations are so simple, yet so true and effective. I love reading them. I’d like to have the whole set on my office wall.

  2. Laney


    Thank you so much for your lovely kind comment, Pat, I am so grateful.


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