We hadn’t had Alfie very long when we went to one of my son’s for Sunday lunch, and of course we took Alfie. We were a little concerned that he might embarrass us a little if he had a little accident or left a little unwanted present somewhere, but we decided to brave the moment and take him anyway. We knew he would love playing with the Grandchildren in their uncluttered garden (they had recently moved to a new home, a new build in fact with just grass out the back, so lots of opportunity to run unhindered, unlike mine, full of borders and winding paths and pots.)

Sure enough Alfie loved it, he ran after the football, which was twice the size of him, but20150222_170626 run he did with all the strength he could muster. It was so much fun to watch, he ran when the children ran, and stopped when the children stopped, waiting patiently and intently for their next move, and the minute they moved he was off. By the end of the afternoon as we sat down to eat Alfie was exhausted and collapsed in a heap of fur on the carpet in the living room. He was so still and quiet that I felt quite concerned and had to get up and check he was ok a couple of times! We even had to carry him to the car when it was time to go home, and he slept and slept for hours. I was worried he would be up all night he’d slept so much, but no he slept right through too!

Back with more about Life with Alfie soon,

Wishing You Happy Moments


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