Our Inner Spotlight

So now that we’ve paved the way, let’s introduce a focus on our emotions and our feelings and put ourselves in our own ‘inner spotlight.’

Deciding to show ourselves love, affection and friendship is immense. It’s the biggest gift that we can give ourselves. It’s an investment, a precious investment. One which will influence every facet of our lives, our future, our relationships with our self and with others, and our mind-set, it will affect our thoughts, our emotions, and our way of life, it will even drive our ambition, and how we show up in the world. It’s like a whole new re-design, everything will begin to appear brighter, and happier, just like when you throw open all the windows in Spring and let the fresh air waft through the house to shake all the cobwebs away; it freshens everywhere up, ready for a new coat of paint.

Knowing that we have such a choice, that we can make profound changes that can have such a positive dramatic effect on our lives is empowering and uplifting; maybe even a little scary! None the less, it may be a new way of thinking, and we humans tend to err on the side of caution and restrict ourselves, preferring to stay within our comfort zone. Staying within the boundaries we have set ourselves, staying safe…but is it safe, or is that an illusion?

Safe – a word that implies a danger, put into context here, it assists, endorses and condones our cautionary behaviour. It is that small voice that pulls you back and steers you from the unknown, away from the new thoughts and ideas that flow into your mind and that want to be nurtured and to grow and become part of your life changing it for the better. Their growth is your growth; their success is your success. Then there’s the little voice of reminders, the voice that suddenly appears to gets louder as you begin to gain confidence and build on your skills, and grow and use your talents and abilities. It likes to stay by your side and protect you from getting too much out of your depth, or too big. So it spills memories into your mind that try their best to stop you in your tracks, root you to the spot and tell you that you can’t, that you’ll fail, or that you are not good enough. Your sub-conscious is your friend really, it means well, it is trying to take care of you, keep you safe, keep you where you are, with what you know.

So, how do you begin to show love and affection to yourself?  How is that possible?

You have already begun. The minute you decide that you have a choice and that you are going to be your own best friend, you are already cultivating love of self. That decision is an intention…An intention to offer and grow love for yourself, to care for yourself, and nurture and nourish and cultivate a growing self-awareness and self-respect that you are important and special and are a gift to the world. An intention to befriend yourself, offer compassion and empathy, and personal encouragement, to build your self-confidence and inner strength and the power to move forward with tenacity and resilience, to enable you to be all that you can be.

‘Till Tomorrow


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©elainewshaw  2016