Our Every Day Tool-Kit for Love

With any job or task we need a set of tools, whether that be physical tools – tools of the trade, such as those of a plumber, a bricklayer, a dressmaker, a baker, and so on, or the day to day tools we use for things like cooking, and cleaning, bathing and showering, gardening and all the other tasks that fill our day and our life. We all recognise those tools and implements, and know that without them our task is all the more difficult, maybe even impossible, but what about the innate tools that we carry with us every day, that we always have at our disposal to make life better, easier, perhaps happier and more fulfilling.

Firstly, let’s consider our skills, and our talents, our abilities? Do you ever think about these as part of your everyday tool-kit? These are our gifts, those facets of ourselves that we may think of only when studying or working, but are they limited to just that, and do they impact our image of self? The use of all our gifts, including our skills, our talents and abilities is only limited by our thinking,

We also have the other innate gifts such as empathy, and if we choose to cultivate it, our compassion, our sense of gratitude and appreciation, so too our thoughtfulness and our ability to love and care for ourselves, for others, for nature and our world.

So, what about our senses, our ability to see, and to hear, our ability to know, and to touch and to feel. How many of these do you think of and consider gifts, and also part of your everyday tool-kit?

Then there is our power to choose and to decide, are these tools to draw on, to cultivate and grow?

Positivity, can we regard this concept as a tool? I think so, when we cultivate a positive outlook, we are developing and growing our mind-set in a powerful life-changing way, we are focusing honing our skills, and setting an intention to live our lives and show up in the world however we, as individuals choose.

Put together, all these create a power-house for growing love…Love for Self, Love for Others, Love for Life, and Love for Your World.

’till tomorrow


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©elainewshaw  2016