‘No’ November, is perhaps the best trend to hit my feed in a long time…. Not sure who thought of it but I’m certainly adopting it as part of my Self Care

You may be asking yourself, “Why?” or you may think that NO is a negative word so how can it be a good thing?

No, does not have to be negative, it can a be critical element in someone’s day, or their life…We say no for many reasons, and yes, sometimes out of sheer bloody mindedness, and that is never the lead to take, but when we say, “No,” with Love it is never a negative thing.

Love is in fact the key – When we make ‘No’ a personal thing, and say it with LOVE we are taking care of ourselves, making our lives and our well being a priority.

So join in with ‘NO’ November, Say NO with LOVE and Practice the Best Self Care of the Season ….

Say, “NO” to Overwork

Say, “NO” to Negative Self Talk – never speak bad about yourself or to yourself 

Say,NO” to what’s unnecessary

Say, NO” to drama and negativity

Make it personal if you need to – Only you will know  ….


Say NO to Junk food

Say, “NO” to late nights

Say, “NO” to stress


If it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it – just say NO thank you, I can’t… ♥

What do you need to say, “NO” to, and practice the best Self-Care of the Season?

Sending You Love, ‘Till Next Time



©Elaine W Shaw  2017  All Rights Reserved