Its January, and its a new year, so its the time we toss out the old, the outdated, the unwanted, and bring in the new. The new and the unfurled, the sharp, the clean, and of course we ride along on the optimism of what New Year is, and what it means to us, as an individual; and for each of us it is more than likely to be so very different.

You may like to fill yours with more traditional New Years Resolutions, focus on wishes and dreams that you really want to become a part of your life.

For me, New Year is more about ‘inner truths’ than at probably any other time of the year. Its my focus time, my dream out loud time, or maybe its just a more secret time. A time for the inner resolutions, the ones that are never shared, my deeply held wishes, my private thoughts and feelings. Maybe it is for you too.

I love New Year, not the reveling and the partying, but the core of what New Year is for ME. I love its natural pathway to reflection, and to the re-evaluation of events, and its sweeping road to my thoughts and feelings. I love to embrace its immense spectrum, and its carving and winding freeway to all the optimistic thoughts for my year and my future, to my deep, and often long held wishes, and to my dreams for an amazing life; a wonderful life, a happy life, a beautiful and magical life, a charmed life, a life filled with meaning, but meaning for ME.

The New Year, to me, is a reinvigorated doorway to my heart and to my choices, and to reminders of all that is beautiful in my life, as well as a catalyst for all that could be. It allows me to shake off the shackles that lie not just in my life, but that lie in my mind; outdated and old thinking that only serves to hold me back. Its a time to revisit old memories that are so very cherished, and also to those memories and thoughts that I no longer need to hold on to, that I can shed like an old coat if I choose, or that I can keep and hide away if the time is not right. Its a time to de-clutter and lay the ground for all the good things I want to see and experience, and all the opportunities I wish to attract.

Its time to soar in my mind as well as in my life. A time to embrace all that I am and move forward with love; love for my life, and my world, and for those I hold most dear. It is most definitely filled with the most amazing ME Time. Its a time to focus and to become clear, to remove any misty mayhem that may have wrapped itself around my thoughts and stifled my journey through the previous year. A special time to look at myself with a loving eye, and a loving heart, congratulate myself, not just for achieving, but for being loving and caring, and appreciating everything that is my life, for finding a reason to smile when times were tough, and for standing tall within.

So yes, I welcome the New Year, more silently than some. I welcome it into my heart and into my life in a more reflective way, and if you do too, know that its more than OK, because clarity allows us to see what we want, and to see the life we want to lead. It allows for more possibilities, and makes sense of the ‘what ifs‘ that we often trap within, and then carry like a heavy load with no where to go. It helps us resume, and revitalise, and turn our dreams into doorways of opportunities once again.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, filled with everything that you wish for.

Sending you love wherever you are, Until Next Time

Elaine ♥