Well, I have just finished reading an inspired book written by a special woman whom I have gotten to know in the virtual realms via our mutual participation in the Jack Canfield course.

Pat Balvanz shares her perceptions of the dynamics of life and the personal growth of women who are experiencing life changes both internal and external as they move towards, and through the challenges of later life. Whether that manifests when children grow and move on or whether from changes in daily patterns as we move into the realms of retirement, Pat cultivates and ultimately unleashes practical and spiritual responses to provide a personal framework and forge a pathway to embrace such changes and develop purposeful self-growth. Her honest and personal reflections offer an insightful view of what is and what could be…..This along with the sharing of female dynamics who have graced life and left their footprint as an imprint on women’s hearts around the world and indeed throughout the decades, opens us all to a world of infinite possibilities, where life’s ‘strangulations’ need not impact our own life, nor age, or social standing, or difference, but offers an alternative when we embrace what is and continue to unfold and to grow and shine in our own light rather than reside in ‘life’s shadows.’

‘Never Too Late to Bloom is more than anecdotal; it is an inspired experiential account of one woman’s reflections of her own life gathered to assist the growth of others.

Never too late too bloom


Till Next Time