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As I sit in front of the casement window, the warmth of the coffee cup between my hands, I smile as I watch a family of birds flit across each branch on the beautiful tree standing stately before me, their cheeps and chirps like mesmerising chuckles and peals of laughter carried along with the wind. The gentle rustle of leaves so sedately heard as each branch bounces back into the grasp of the air and each blossom petal flirts with the soft grass below as it silently floats and teases the ground. My eye catches a glimpse of the landscape beyond as the hills beckon me into a land of wonder, I imagine and feel the soft grass under my feet and the endless pathways each taking me forward towards a new adventure, not all maybe exciting, but all filling my heart with quiet suspense.

Where will I be if I take the path to the hillside so high into the clouds that I cannot quite see? The cool air so refreshing as venture upwards wondering what I will encounter today, as the fauna changes with my mind chatter falling and I picture the quiet and peaceful and tranquil view. The whole world opens up into carpet below and I seek simply just to know, but where to next, can I reach the top, not today maybe but the path continues forward in a narrowing spiral with an essence of wisdom that tingles within my heart.

Where will I be if I take the path to the river, beckoning me so beautifully? The sound of the water as it bubbles along unfurling across all the stones in its wake, finding its way and gathering momentum until it reaches another rock that slows it down and allows it see the beauty surrounding that it just may have missed as it hurries along, growing big and strong.

Where will I be if I move onwards to the woodland so dark and majestic and filled with discovery? The sound of the wildlife as it scuttles away as they all hear my footsteps as I tread slowly and cautiously through the dry bracken and earth, as the light twinkles gently through the treetops above and the sun whispers to me words full of love.

Where will I be if the path suddenly stops and I find myself stuck with nowhere to go and I feel as if I’ve taken the wrong route? Should I go back and return to the comfort of the path so familiar and still visible in the distance as I look back to the past, or should I just sit and wait and enjoy the new view and think of the glorious day that I’ve had. Reflecting now I’m a traveller from within my own heart, for I remember how creative my travels have been.

As I open my eyes and say, “Thank you, I’m grateful,” for I’m now back in my chair with my feet firmly grounded and my visualisation fills my heart full of joy, my life’s mine for the making wherever I go and whatever I choose to be and to see.


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