Loving Today’s Bright Blue Sky – Its a Gorgeous Feel Good Day; and I’m Going to FILL IT WITH SMILES!

Isn’t it amazing how our mood can be changed in an instant?

We see something beautiful, something amazing, our favourite colour, a baby’s smile, and we immediately start to feel good.

That’s how it was for me earlier today. An instant change. An instant smile. An instant feel good moment… and all because I saw today’s bright blue sky through my window this morning.

My heart leapt with a sudden joy, and my face drew a smile. I suddenly felt happy, exhilarated, alive, yes ALIVE, and yes HAPPY too, really happy, filled with a sense of good things ahead, and thoughts of,

“Its going to be a fantastic day.”

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s a bit over the top, a bit of an over reaction. Yeah OK, the sky’s blue and its a nice day, but does it really deserve all that accolade, and euphoria? Nothing’s really changed, not dramatically anyway, she hasn’t won the lottery, or got a new job, or seemingly got anything special to celebrate. Is it really that good? “I don’t get it.”

But that’s the point, It is something to celebrate

After all the bad weather we’ve had recently, and the grey skies, that beautiful blue sky was something worth celebrating, I was so happy to see it, and experience it, and something had changed, that’s right, SOMETHING HAD CHANGED IN ME…

My thoughts had changed, my feelings had changed, and my appreciation had changed, all in that moment. My appreciation had grown and bubbled up to the surface, my perspective had changed; I had changed the way I was viewing my day, and my life in that very moment. I felt so wonderful about my day, and so pleased that everything felt good, and all because of one of nature’s little wonders, a blue sky. It suddenly felt like a gift.

Have you ever said to yourself, or out loud, “Its too nice a day to be at work, or indoors, its a beautiful day, I should be outside enjoying it!” I’ll bet you have.

For me, that blue sky represented so much; it suddenly felt easy to feel good. I didn’t need to look for anything, it was right there in front of me, the natural beauty of a blue sky, something we often take for granted, something we may experience many times throughout our life time, yet today it felt so special. It felt like Spring had finally sprung, it wasn’t hiding anymore, it was a sign of more good weather to come, it was a sign of the end of what had felt like a long and cold winter. Even the birds were celebrating, I could hear them in the distance.

Yes, to me that sky was worth celebrating, and that’s where my happiness for the day began, with what felt good to me, with what made me smile… and that’s where you’ll find it too. You don’t need to chase it, you just need to feel it, and to recognise its value to you.

Anything that fills your heart with joy, makes you smile and feel good, and feels deserving of your appreciation in that moment, is something really worth celebrating.

So, embrace those feelings, embrace the good in your day, and let your appreciation bubble up, dance to the surface, and flow from your heart. That’s where you’ll discover life’s magic….it will lead you to more happy moments and indeed more happy days.

T’ll Next Time

Elaine ♥


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