So happy that you’ve found my Blog pages, you really are most welcome.  If you create vision boards or beautiful scrapbook pages you will be sure to find something of interest and  I am adding content regularly so please feel free to bookmark my page.

Vision boards and the power of positive affirmations have recently become an important focus throughtout each day and I have been busy creating some very special boards that reflect the many facets of my life.  After all, we all wear many hats, so to speak, and enjoy different roles.  For instance, I am a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a daughter, a niece – I am a woman, a friend and an aquaintance to some. At work I teach children, whilst at home amongst other things, I’m a “part-time” gardner, a baker, a cook and a designer, which also makes me both a consumer and a customer, but at my core I am me, with all my strengths and my challenges and all my life labels.  Of course  I want to be successful and to be respected and I want to share my creativity and my expertise, but more importantly I want to live a full and very happy life. My Vision Boards help me to focus and create some clarity of thought and although I have not been using them for very long I can already see their  effect. Using positive affirmations and I AM statements has really liftted my spirits and helped my confidence soar; I even heard myself singing the other day!  Mind you I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not; you’d have to ask my children! What I do know is that I now feel a sense of belonging and my life is filled with hope for a bright and happy future. I am filled with a deep sense of innate gratitude I am developing a composed perception of knowing…A knowing that I am always creating, that opportunities are there if I look for them and that I AM… and I CAN….

Please have a good look around, and be sure to click on my ‘Abundant Blossom’ page where I share what that means to me, and please let me know that you visited – I would love to read your kind comments.

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