Read a beautiful post this morning. Of course it centred on love, this being Valentine’s Day, but it centred on so much more, too. I commented that it was a gift, and it certainly felt like a gift, not one packaged with a bow, but a gift to the heart and to thought. The writer concentrates on her partner, her husband, and the beautiful love their share and how their day to day life together is filled with a true sense of love and devotion, but her words also share an essence; the essence of her loving and accepting mind-set. She provides a beautiful list of reasons why she loves her husband and indeed how they both demonstrate their love in everyday ways, and how the love they share is visible and cemented through her husband’s loving ways. She also shares something else, something quite profound – – the growth of love and acceptance within herself, which shone from within her words so resonantly.

Whilst we look for love in many ways, through our partners, our children and our grandchildren, our parents, our families, our friends and even our pets, all tangible, all able to reciprocate, love that can grow and develop and nurture our needs, we often overlook the importance of loving ourselves, and loving our life. I’m not talking about vanity, but a deep sense of caring for ourselves, of recognising how important we are, not just how talented and skilful we are, but caring for our feelings and emotions, our thoughts and dreams, caring about how good we feel each day, seeing the good in our own lives and nurturing its growth. The list, in fact could be a supportive list to developing that caring for ourselves. Ideas that propagate our feeling good each day, that tell us that we matter and care for ourselves, that help us grow the good and the positive in our own hearts and our thoughts, that accept with gentleness when we sense a limitation and that naturally help us to rethink, accept and turn things around in our minds to become a positive asset to continue developing our growth of love of self. 

So, thank you to ‘Dare to Be Happier’ for her wonderful, thought provoking post.

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