As today began to draw to a close I felt fed up, tired of waiting for death, talking about death and feeling encased in death so decided enough was enough and it was time to think about life…all the good and the beautiful things about LIFE, the simple things that we often take for granted.

When Mum was in the hospital she said that she wished she could feel the sun and the breeze on her face, so tomorrow we are going to put her in the wheelchair and grant her wish. Only a few minutes but a few quality minutes surrounded by life instead of being incarcerated in that bed. Hopefully the birds will be singing and the ducks quacking and a soft wind will kiss her face whilst the sun brightens her day as it glints through the trees.

I earlier suggested that we try to give Mum one little piece of happiness each day, something small but significant something to help her think of good things and good times instead of lying there waiting to die. Let’s fill each day with positive moments and reasons to think about life.

So thank you for positive moments and positive thoughts, family unity and love and caring and sharing of hearts and souls.