Do you ever tell yourself, or others, that you don’t have enough time? I used to say that all the time, it was like a mantra…

  • I can’t fit that in.
  • I can’t possibly fit anymore in.
  • There’s no time for me to think about that…
  • There’s not enough hours in the day…
  • I’ve got the kids, and the house, my job, the shopping….blah, blah, blah…
  • Time for me, don’t be silly! When can I possibly fit that in?

Sound familiar?

I was thinking with a ‘scarcity mind-set’ – The scarcity of time. I didn’t realise it of course, it was just my thinking and my the-gift-of-time-self-care-snippet-5-mins-extra Elainewshaw.comfeeling at that point in my life. I spent my days rushing around, never thinking about the impact. All I knew was that my To Do List grew longer every day. I felt constantly overworked and never took the time to simply sit and take a breath.

Then I began to give myself a few minutes, after work, each day, quite unconsciously at first. I would have a bath and lie quietly on my bed and let my mind rest. I used colour to relax myself. As I thought of colours that I loved, especially natural colours in the outside world, I relaxed in a wave of shades and tones that enveloped my mind so beautifully, I quietened my mind and just reveled in the warmth of the beauty floating in my mind’s eye. It was such a calming experience, which became a wonderful daily habit.

The strange thing was that when I moved home I became engulfed with the many changes, which developed into a negative spiral.Sadly, and unconsciously,  I moved away from giving myself that precious time that had become such an enhancing part of my day and my life. I didn’t realise that I was denying myself those moments of self-care. I was not focused on the importance of self, and the wonderful enhancing effect of intention, at that time in my life. I was unaware. My time for meditation stopped, for that beautiful quieting of my mind, there was just so much to do, and it would be several years before I redeveloped and then refined my wonderful colour meditation habit once again.

Colour meditation for me is a calming daily practice and I find that once I set my intention the colours flow, and I often receive a colour just right for that moment or that day. A colour which enhances my spirit and helps me feel relaxed and able to see any problems in a new light. I also find that colours combined with the beauty of nature enhance my experience and my life. I love flowers and landscapes, and the colours that contrast and compliment each other in those environments bring a sense of wonder and relaxation to my mind. Sea-scapes are especially beautiful when the shades blend at the horizon line and then meet the elegant contrast of the shoreline and the landscape beyond. Visualising colour and the natural world in this way enhances my thoughts, and my dreams and helps me focus on my goals and aspirations. It has helped my personal development and the growth of my intuition. I love my life, and my world, I am so grateful that I can simply close my eyes and let colour and quiet guide me positively, calmly and lovingly.

When I think of how the gift of time has helped me grow and how it has enhanced my life, I am in awe. Those few minutes take me into a world of colour and dreams that enhance my thoughts and my perspective, calm my mind and my world, and subconsciously tell me, how important I am.

Self care takes many forms, but what is important is that we give ourselves a few minutes to just stop and do something we love or something calming and relaxing, preferably each day, but even once a week will enhance your life. Giving yourself the gift of time, however small it seems, is so beneficial to your well-being, to those around you, and to your life. It is after all one of life’s precious gifts.

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‘Til Next Time


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