So its September 21st and its WORLD GRATITUDE DAY, and of course we all seek to express our thanks and our gratitude everyday of our lives don’t  we? Or do we?

Is saying, “Thank You” to someone who does us a good turn or gives us a gift, enough? Of course we are taught to say thank you on such occasions, that’s simply good manners, but what I am thinking about are more deep rooted thoughts, thoughts that emanate from our heart. Authentic thoughts that flow from within and become a natural part of our lives, our recognition of not just everything ‘nice’ that happens, or everything that is good in our lives, but thoughts of thankfulness and a grateful philosophy and recognition that whatever we encounter or whatever happens in our life is a thankful experience that helps us to not just become a better person but is an investment in our future, if we choose it to be.

Now, I for one, understand that this is not always an easy task, there have been many things in my life, that at the time and indeed for many years after I certainly didn’t feel grateful for them at all, but today, in my present life, I am thankful because if they hadn’t happened, if I hadn’t experienced even the bad parts I would not be the person or the woman I am today. The likelihood is that I wouldn’t be as compassionate and empathic or as understanding and able to look for the best in people. How could I, if I hadn’t developed emotionally through personal experience? I maybe wouldn’t have the inner strength I now know that I have. Some may argue that inner strength is innate, but I certainly wouldn’t have recognised or been aware of its presence, or known that I possessed such resilience that I could draw on, when I needed to. Of course, there are many more reasons why I feel grateful for my life and all its past impositions and limitations, but there are so many MORE reasons to feel grateful for today. My beautiful and loving family, my wonderful Victorian home that is always in constant need of my love and care! People’s generosity of spirit and their kindness, the countryside and the gentle sound of the breeze rustling through the leaves, happy thoughts and the warmth of the sun on my face, which now always reminds me of my mother. The list is an endless one, but a wonderful one, full of many feelings and emotions, a nuance of me and the many facets of my life.

Until Next Time