Inspired Retreats

Some of the stunning, and very beautiful locations I have been considering for our next Inspired and Creative Retreat.


Planning a retreat is a wonderful challenge, I love it….Its important to get it right, and to make sure that whichever location I decide upon, that it provides the best environment and ambiance, the best accommodation, the most delicious and well presented food, superb facilities and amenities, and is a fabulous fit for all aspects of the specific retreat. I always look at the individuality of each location, what makes it special, what makes it the ideal and best candidate for the retreat I am focusing on, and why am I drawn to this location. As much as I may like, or even love a country, town, city, village or area, my main focus is on the planned content of each individual retreat. What do I want my clients to experience, and how do I want them to feel, what do I want them to take away when the retreat has come to an end, and will this location help me provide it all.

I take great care to consider the accommodation detail based on my planned activities and events,  focusing on the layout and overall comfort that is presented, whether there is a garden and additional comforts outside, such as a fire-pit or chiminea for example; these all help to set the tone and create the desired scene, atmosphere and ambiance for each retreat. Attention to detail is of immense importance and is what helps make my retreats so special and so memorable.

Hope that you enjoyed this little snippet, and little insight into how I choose a retreat location.

Until next time


©Elaine W Shaw 2016

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