I thought I would share a book that is purposeful and which I found captivating, a book that holds inspiration within its pages. It is, Remembering Wholeness’ by Carol Tuttle, and its a book which I continually dip in and out of. I first read it when I returned home after my mother passed away,  and I still read snippets of it almost everyday. This is an ultimate self help book, full of advice and powerful messages, its a book that I often mention and indeed recommend because of its natural, earthy, vitality and consistent jolts to the ego. Whilst its true to say that its of a spiritual ilk, which personally resonates, it does share a somewhat religious tone, which some may shy away from, but it certainly is insightful and offers a part of Carol that leaves you at least wondering…and ready to explore further, deeper into the backdrops of your mind and even to those not convinced, playful tones of wonder can still emanate and reap a force of action. Of course I am discussing ‘belief,’ a word that can offer solace to some and yet a route of escape to others, but belief can transcend initial thought and become abstract as we examine our own belief systems within the realms of ‘Remembering Wholeness.’

See where your curiosity takes you and take a look at Remembering Wholeness’ and come back to my blog and share your thoughts about a book that may just become an unexpected companion, or share your thoughts about a book you think is special, one that you may be reading now or have read in the past. It can be illuminating and enlightening, or simply an engaging read, it doesn’t matter, simply share your ideas, I’d love to know what books make you want to share.

You can find out more about Carol Tuttle and her book Remembering Wholeness on her website liveyourtruth.com/en/remembering-wholeness

Until Next Time, Happy Reading