I Want to Be…

Whenever we think about this our first thoughts may move towards our occupation, or even a vocation; ultimately, we focus on how we will make a living. But this is quite a powerful string of words capable of going much deeper into our psyche, and into our hearts. It can invoke so much positive thought.

I WANT TO BE….the best version of me, inspired, and inspiring. I want to be kind and compassionate, and live a fulling life. I want to be and feel happy. I want to be alert to all the wonderful and amazing things in this world, and to all the beauty that surrounds me every day. I want to be confident to make the best choices that will enhance my life. I want to be in touch with my feelings and my emotions and let them guide me in a positive way. I want to be open to new opportunities and full of new ideas. I want to be fit and healthy and feel good about myself. I want to be loved and able to love others and myself. I want to be able to grow in wisdom and knowledge. I want to be all that I can be and more…. My list is an endless stream of thoughts leading to fulfillment, and a caring and loving life, filled with life’s gifts and life’s magic.

Ask yourself the question, and sit and ponder it for a moment or two, and then carve a path to the best life for yourself.

Sending You Love ‘Till Next Time

Elaine ♥

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