Smiling is such a dynamic action, and a wonderful and powerful language. When coupled with emotion it communicates inner feelings and has the capacity to instill confidence, set the foundation for friendship, and promote love. Smiles are beautifully infectious and can very quickly put people at ease, and create a secure atmosphere.

Coming from the heart smiling offers the gentle warmth of a silent hug and loving thoughts. Smiling is thoughtful, happy and kind, generous and sweet, yet comforting and friendly. Sharing a smile has the power to brighten someone’s day, boost self-esteem and fill a room with love and light.

Smiles are one of life’s simple gifts with a capacity for hugeness and greatness. They are filled with happiness and life’s magic

So, package up a little joy, and feel good ….Smile often, give them away and revel in their return as they enhance your life.

With Love ‘Till Next Time



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