I HAVE… Everything I need, and its all right here within me. That’s right, because its all up to me. Now, I’m not talking about material objects here, no, I’m talking about the way I want to live my life, the way I want to feel, and how I want the world around me to feel.

My life can be as good as I want it to be. I have the power to choose how I want to feel each day. I can decide how I want to show up in the world, and who I want to be. I can choose how I want my world to look, I have everything within me to do that…gosh, that sounds profound, doesn’t it? Its true, if I want to see happiness and kindness, then that is how I choose to be…I can decide. If I want to see those attributes then that is where my focus lies, and that is what I will find…Whatever I focus on grows, so I choose to focus on all the good things I want to HAVE in my life, and it feels amazing to know I HAVE the power to make those choices. I HAVE the power to decide. I HAVE the power to love. I HAVE the power to be whoever I want to be – It is another one of life’s gifts, a gift that helps you find the magic in your life. A gift that is already there, a gift that you HAVE, within.

’till next time


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