I Feel… such an amazing and important emotional experience…How much attention to you give to how you are feeling, in any given moment? Or, do you only notice how you feel when something heartfelt or intense happens?

Thinking about how we feel can help guide our day and our life. It can help us focus on the good in our lives, and within ourselves. Using, I Feel, to set intentions for your day can help your day and your life flow beautifully, and help build positive feelings and self- confidence, self-esteem and a whole greater sense of who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to show up in the world.

So, I feel amazing today, I feel calm today, I feel loved today, I feel happy today, I feel confident today, i feel cared for, I feel special, I feel grateful, I feel thankful, I feel thoughtful, I feel loving, I feel great.

Its amazing how words and thoughts are some of life’s special gifts, and help us find life’s magic.

So how do you feel today? How do you want to feel?

’till next time,


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