I decide…Yes I do, we all do, we all have decisions to make every day of our lives. Of course some decisions are more important than others, and can affect those around us too, but as with choice, ultimately our decisions are our own, our responsibility. Every day we decide who we want to be, and our mind-set, and our attitude,I decide and indeed how we choose to react to whatever comes our way, all indicate how we show up in the world and tell others who we are. So who do you want to be today?

I’m on a new road, a new quest, so I want to be confident, yet warm and caring, considerate and appreciative, and clear, decisive and resourceful. with a happy disposition. I know and remember that my view of my world will be as I choose to act…and as I choose to see…Perspective is an amazing tool really, don’t you think? Another one of life’s gifts. So join in, and share who you want to be today.

‘Till Next Time


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