Self-belief is an important part of who we are. It influences how we show up in the world, if we believe in ourselves, soaring becomes a part of our nature. Knowing and feeling we are enough and that we are lovable, capable, and able to be all we want to be, and that we are worthy is a major factor of our everyday lives. When we experience any lack of self-belief our life can be affected in many ways, from how we achieve in our studies, or at work, our relationships, and who we love, and whoi-believe-br we allow to love us, our money and the lifestyle we have, or think that we should have, in effect it affects how we view ourselves and our expectations of how we expect to be treated.

Our view of ‘self’ is all interconnected, self-belief, self-worth, self-esteem, and with varying degrees based on our beliefs about different parts of our lives. We may believe that we are good or better at some things than others, we believe that we can’t do certain things because of who we are, where we are from or where we live. Our belief system encourages us to discriminate within ourselves as to who and what we can be, what we can achieve, and how we can live. Remember, the love in my life begins with ME…Taking notice and being aware of how we speak, including to ourselves is so important, and focusing our attention on positive thoughts and self talk is a skill worth developing.

Make it your friend, and use daily affirmations to help you do so. Focus on saying, “I AM …bright, bold, able, capable, loving, kind, deserving, worthy,” etc. and, “I CAN …do this, achieve, be all I can be,” etc…Make this a part of your daily routine…If you’re not sure how, make several I AMs and I CANs a morning mantra to recite as you get ready each day. Then let that grow. You will soon find that you will begin noticing any negative self-talk, and that’s when you grab the opportunity with both hands, so to speak, and change that talk with your positive comments and affirmations. Feel good about yourself and your life…So what affirmations are you using today?

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