ME time – What exactly does that mean? Did my parents or grandparents have ME time? I don’t think so…In fact, d’you know…I don’t really know. But, I do know that it wasn’t spoken about, and ‘searched‘ out the way it is nowadays. We know so much more now about the effects of working long hours without proper breaks, and about the negative effects on our minds and our bodies when we don’t find time to relax. I do know that clearly people worried about everyday things just as some people do today, like finding and keeping work, money and paying the bills, feeding our families well, relationships, and so on. Now, we are bombarded with information, like never before, we hear about problems and disasters on the other side of the world in a matter of minutes, and can see them happening live. Living in such a fast-paced world it is all too easy to forget to find time for yourself…Its easy to forget that you matter, and that you are important.

I remember, years ago, I worked in a busy office, which I loved, (I am so lucky to have loved practically every job I’ve ever had, I guess i embraced them all…but that’s a subject for another Blog post!) and sometimes, in fact most days, I worked late, and then had to go home and pick up the children, make tea, wash clothes and clean up, generally all the things mother’s have to do in addition to their paid job, I wasn’t unique in that at all… I led a busy life, but the one thing I did do, every evening after the children were in bed, was to have a quiet bath, and then get comfy, close my eyes, and quiet my mind. I’d focus on beautiful colour to help me to forget my chores, and deadlines, and whatever I knew was pending and waiting for me on my desk. As I breathed, I listened to my breath, and  I’d ask for, “beautiful colour,” and it would swirl around my mind in softly pulsating swathes, and I would get lost in the quietness and beauty of my mind.

I had no idea, at that time, that I was quietening my mind, or using imagery and colour to do so. As far as I was concerned I was simply relaxing and shaking off the busyness of the day. I did that for years, and still do now. I looked forward to that time by myself, I felt so uplifted and energised and always slept well. I knew nothing about mediation or guided imagery at that time, and certainly never connected what I was innately doing with anything like that. I still continue to use colour in that way, and I consciously build that ME time into my day. What’s important is that we give ourselves that few minutes, that we recognise that we are important and can have that time, and we can give ourselves ME time in many ways.

You may find time to relax and enjoy a few minutes with a glass of wine at the end of the day, or you may have an evening bath routine where you light a candle, which can very quickly create a restful ambiance, and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. You may prefer to sit by the window and take in a beautiful view, or sit quietly in the garden, or even just take a few moments to sit quietly with your dog or cat; they can be remarkably relaxing companions after what has felt like a long day. What’s important is that you give that time to yourself; it is a gift to you and your heart, and your mind.

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Sending You Love ‘Till Next Time,

Elaine x


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