What does that conjure up for you?

Teachers engage their students to develop and unwrap children’s curiosity and create a childsense of discovery as a key element in their learning. Writer’s cultivate a path for their reader’s to emotionally connect with their words and arouse a ‘curiosity’ through the personal images painted within the publisher’s or the reader’s mind hooking and steering them to continue beyond the first words on the page or to sink in beyond the title that urges the hand to pick THEIR book from the shelf. Marketers grab attention through titles and tag lines, colours and carefully crafted images to grab the attention of potential customers. Meditation allows us to not just quiet our mind but to ask using curiosity as gentle handle to what could be or what is or even as some ponder, why am I here? Or what am I here to do? What is my purpose? All notions that hold an internal persuasive quality and the distinct powerful flavour of curiosity.

For me curiosity is wonderment, an engaging forerunner to imagination, the developer, the explorer, the cultivator, the facilitator and the builder of belief, it is my guide to new things and new pathways, new thoughts and the responder for solutions whether minute or epic and the powerful holder of my dreams, and to imagine my world with no curiosity brings thoughts of sadness and mournful feelings for the death of such an importance essence in my life for I am a thankful pursuant of my inner friend and travelling companion who helps me to see and to discover and accompanies me on every new journey

So, how curious are you? And does it matter?

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